Contract Manufacturing &

Full-Service Custom Fabrication.


Custom Furniture, Millwork, and Interiors.


Furniture, Fixtures, Interior Architecture.


Seating, Curtains, and more.

Ready in 2-4 weeks.

Unbeatable lead times for anything from small to large, complex orders.

World-class interior designers partner with us to fulfill their detail-oriented fabrication needs.

Our Services:

We provide design, one-off fabrication, contract manufacturing, and rendering services for the hospitality industry, architects, designers, small businesses, and individuals.

Custom Furniture & Fixtures

-Custom Table Tops

-Custom Table Bases and Legs

-Custom Storage

-Custom Shelving & Display

-Custom Seating, Upholstery, and Cushions

-Custom Fixtures & Partitions

Custom Interior Buildouts.

-Custom Built-in Storage

-Custom Built-in Seating

-Custom Interior Architecture for Hospitality

-Custom interior Archticture for Commercial

-Custom interior Archticture for Residential

-Custom Built in Partitions, Doors, and Framing.

+ High Quality Renderings

Clients receive a professional hi-resolution rendering of every object prior to fabrication, free of cost.

Fabrication Capabilities:

For Wood & Wood Products


-Detail Oriented fabrication

-Custom Joinery

-Routing and Millwork

-Cut-to-Order Plywood & Lumber


-Pairing with Metal Components

-Pairing with Custom Electronics

-Pairing with Custom Lighting

-Flat Pack Design

-And more

For Metal




-Powder Coating & Finishing

-Engineering for interior Architecture

-Cut-to-Order Parts and Pieces

-Pairing with Wood Components

-Pairing with Custom Electronics

-Pairing with Custom Lighting

-Flat Pack Design

-And more

Upholstery & Seating

-A wide selection of fabrics or bring your own

-Custom cushions

-Custom density

-Custom and interesting shapes

-Custom Sewing Details and Cushion Features

-Custom Built Furniture + Custom Upholstery

-Fit to existing furniture and/or Refurbishment

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