Our lumber doesn't cross the Atlantic.

But theirs does.

Almost 14,000 nautical miles to a port in China.

*actual screenshot from competitor.

It then comes back to a port in the U.S.

Another 14,000 miles.

From there, it gets driven to a distribution center.

And finally, to a customer. Let's say in N.Y.C.

A tree, that could have been only 300 miles away...

...travelled almost 30,000 miles before it arrived to a consumer as a table.

This is our journey:

Let's zoom in.

From a U.S. forest to a nearby U.S. manufacturer and directly to the customer from there.

That's the difference.

Don't forget, they used the word sustainble.

We care about *how our products are made. But also

*who makes them.

Fair pay and non-toxic work environments.