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Head of Marble

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Easily make a table with just a power drill. Any length up to 10', any width up 52".

Trestles can be made from scratch in about 30 minutes. 

Tables made with hardware are commercial grade, very sturdy, and will last a lifetime.

Can be fully disassembled and reassembled as often as needed.


Purchase includes Metal Hardware only. One set = One table. Instructions on how to make a table with our hardware included with purchase.

To make a table, you'll need our hardware plus:

-Your own table top.

-Your own wood or steel for legs, spine, and cross bars. For cheapest version, you can use regular stud 2"x3" lumber which costs just a few dollars per 8' piece, and plywood cut to size for a table top. It's possible to spend under $80 in materials plus our hardware to make a beautiful table, sturdy table.

-Your own nuts, bolts, and screws.