Easy to assemble, long lasting products made with common-sense ethics.

We pay our makers a fair wage, produce our products within the US using a sustainable supply chain, ensure the there's nothing toxic either for you or the people who make your products, and after years of effort, we became the world's first carbon negative furniture company.

Founded by an Artist/Designer

Mark Samsonovich is known for making some of the most viral art of the internet age. He formed an obsession with metal fabrication and wood after years of building his own furniture for his studio. His sturdy, easy to assemble products have been mainstays in his home and work spaces for the past ten years.

Head of Marble is about objects and ideas that will outlive their owners.

We're re-imagining what the average American home setting is filled with: non-disposable items and sophisticated yet simple objects of design who's owners inherit the very passion and obsession they were made with.

Art as Furniture

We'd like to help transform the average consumer into a sophisticated art curator. Our current and future offerings will explore more involved ways of incorporating visual art and philosophy into the home setting in a way that's exciting, approachable, and significantly more elevated than the average framed print.