The standards we've put in place are still unmatched by any big box retailer.

Sustainably & Ethically Produced.

Not just buzz words. Here's everything you should know:


Head of Marble is the world's first carbon negative furniture company.

We have been carbon negative since January 1st 2020. At that time there were no official standards for what "Carbon Negative" actually meant. We decided, as industry leaders, to set a standard by offsetting our carbon footprint by 3x. That means for every ounce of carbon we produce, we offset 3 times more.


Our timber does not cross an ocean.

A tree that can be just 300 miles away from someone, can travel up to 30,000 miles before reaching a consumer in the form of a table. Sometimes you'll even see company's say "Our product is sustainably made with FSC wood". But if you dig deeper, you'll notice that their American-sourced lumber was shipped to Asia to be manufactured, then shipped back to the US to be sold as furniture, with a hefty carbon footprint at the end of it all. Our lumber is sourced in North America, on the East Coast, which is also where our manufacturing and shipping happens. Everything is local.


Every single contractor of ours is within 50 miles of each other.

Big box furniture brands rely on global supply chains with individual parts of a product being made oceans apart from each other, and the optimization for the cheapest price almost always requires profound, but unnecessary movement of goods back and forth. We make things how they once were made, supporting local craftspeople and family businesses, and shipping directly from the place it comes from.


We do not work with materials that present toxic chemicals to people.

Nearly the entire commercial furniture industry relies on manufactured wood products, which contain cancerous chemicals that are harmful to the people making them and also continue to off-gas in the homes and environments of consumers. Unfortunately, these products exist in almost every single home in the world, from kitchen cabinets, to basic building materials, to furniture. We aim to choose real materials over composite materials, and in the event that we use plywood or a manufactured product, we choose to use premium, non-toxic goods.


Our wood finishes are zero VOC and non-toxic.

Most furniture is spray-finished with extremely dangerous fumes and even first-world manufacturing environments do not protect their laborers from exposure, which can have neurological damage from just a single incident, in addition to a list of long-term life-threatening health problems. Spray finishes are often executed without filtering equipment and seep into the atmosphere, where it causes profound damage to the environment and public health. To be 100% safe, we simply don't use toxic spray finishes for our wood.


Thoughtful design leads to dramatically less post-consumer waste.

Often times, furniture ends up in the trash even though 90% of the product is in great condition. This is because there is no convenient or cost efficient way to repair most commercially-made furniture. We aim to eliminate this excuse for waste by designing products that are not only made to last a lifetime or more, but in the event that damage occurs, the parts are designed to be easily replaceable. If a table leg is broken, they can just replace the table leg, instead of throwing out the entire table and buying a new one. This means we can prevent good-condition products from ending up in a landfill, but also prevent consumers from buying more than they need. 


No one else comes close.

Head of Marble considers every aspect of making, shipping, selling, and living with furniture from the standpoint of respect for the environment as well as the safety and wellness of both the laborer and the consumer. There is simply no single big box furniture brand that meets our standards. We're grateful to those of you who make consumer choices based on how they may have an impact, and we thank you for choosing us.